Category A

10% more material

for 100% safety

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A high quality end product is obtained when quality components are used from the very beginning. That is why the windows producers use the quality profiles of VEKA - a leading world manufacturer of profiles from PVC for windows, doors and roller shutters with more than 50 years of experience.

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Tough profiles, tough windows

Thanks to the material qualities and wider walls all windows made with VEKA profiles are extremely strong and durable. Adhering to euro norm for windows and doors (EN 12608) all VEKA products are classified in category A. Category A guarantees for the thickness of the outer wall of 3.0 mm (± 0,2 mm).

In comparison

Profiles from category B have thinner walls. In their production the quantity of materials used is 10% less leading to significant underperformance when durability tests are performed.

class А + 10%

class B - 10%

For better
heat insulation

Windows made from high quality profiles help in reducing heating expenses.
They contain the heat at home achieving optimal levels of heat insulation.

For better
noise insulation

Noise from street traffic and other sources
can be successfully neutralized with modern profiles in addition to multilayer glass panels. VEKA profiles insulate better due to their thicker profile walls in comparison to category B profiles. VEKA windows are quieter with 4 db.

For better protection
from housebreaks

For home security is it crucial how long windows can withstand a housebreak attempt. The highly durable plastic used for the production of VEKA profiles combined with VEKA steel reinforcements offer a serious barrier. The higher stability due to the profile geometry and higher material content lead to better security and strength of the windows. This hinders the removal of the windows from the hinges.

For longer

The quality windows made from VEKA profiles are long lasting, do not deform under heavy pressure and keep their full functionality longer. Dirt does not stick to their high quality smooth surface and with proper care the windows will retain their original look for many years.

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Quality without compromise from authorized VEKA partners

All licensed VEKA partners guarantee for manufacturing and installation quality of your new doors and windows. They will gladly consult you and will draw you an adequate offer.


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